Ssssshhhh.... I borrowing Shinya's fish rod, he thinking I go to fishing. But I use it to getting bracelet. HEHEHEHEEE~~! My bracelet swimming on disinfectant now. I leaving it there for one week, it is clean that time, yes?

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Oh oh. My favorite silver bracelet falled in toilet. What I should doing? Toilet is dirty, only I finish to using it. I not want to flushing my bracelet!!! Help me please ;___;


I staring for long time and getting dizzy with smell. Help me now please... Maybe I should calling plumber? But this thing very much enbarrass.



Ryuchan~~~ *sob*
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do you missing my S~E~X~Y~??

Today is tired. But very much of fun~~
This thing because I going at Chiba Marine Stadium for super-live. Hajime Satose and Yamazaki Masayoshi also and Master Tsuchiya are becoming very much best!! The thing was truly great live, I can feeling all wild energy of everyone.

Now but I tired and need to sleeping. My place very mess, I missing my Ryuichi.... I do not knowing where is this man. I seeing photo at Fool's Mate. Afraid.

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Ryu still sleeping (cute!) and Lunachan still sleeping (with WUMF boxer still on her head. cute!). But Sugi always waking up early~! Even if after late Shibuya partying at last night.

Teru bringing very much funny cake HAHAHAHAAAA~~ It is delicious monkey bottom, but I thinking Ryu not much laughing to it. Many many present!! I am much happy. Every person looking happy also, even Ken and Shinya are noisy. They all liking color underwear I buyed from L.A. We all trying it on for photo, but I hoping nobody posting photo on journal because some shamful drunk pose. XD

.... It is almost to lunch but every person still asleep. Maybe S~E~X~Y Sugi eating lunch alone at after-birthday day...

the S~E~X~Y is back!

Very difficult to catching flight back to Japan. I waiting at airport for many hour to getting earlier trip but not having very lucky. All flight is fulled, and then also airport closing because of very much bad shooting thing. It is terrible. I not seeing it happened but there panic everywhere, and many people confusing. So I going back to hotel to spending night and taked my original flight schedule. So very much sorry for not seeing Ryuchan earlier. But Four of July firework very beauty. I taking many nice picture I showing all friend later.

I just getting home at late afternoon today and go to picked up Luna from her Mama. She is very happy young lady and forcing me to giving her more present from L.A. I giving her many girl toy, but she seeing colorful underwear and taked the thing with pink and violet cow design I plan to giving to Shinya. Lunachan saying she use it to covering doll bed. Sorry Shinya. HAHAHAAAA~~! But I having many other extra you can choosing. :)

Lunachan telling me she have secret present. I not knowing where she keep it. I wanting to get some hint but she shouted at me to waiting my birthday. >_

to ryu

This is hurry. Only to letting you know: I coming home. I can not waiting for you to going here anymore because I picking up Luna from her Mama at Saturday. (You knowing how she act when Sugi getting late XD) And you still have to bringing me to surprise party...

I hope we can going to Hawaii after my birthday?

I having to run to airport now. Oh, I finding passport with the..... HAHAHAAA~! I just telling you about it when I seeing you (tomorrow).

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where is my ryu??

I missing my Ryu~! But tomorrow or next day we meeting in Hawaii for happy-happy vacation. Ryuchan very much busy, so I have to flying to L.A. without him. >_<

L.A. still nice place. I seeing strange America underwear and reminding me of promise to Inoran. hahahahahaaa~! I buying many of different pattern for Ryu, Ino, J, Shinya, Teru, Takuro, Ken, and many other extra for friend. I giving them out on birthday so every person should coming, ok?

Monkichi! You flying here already please, I very much missing you! And also to my friend at L.A., can you giving me telephone number? I interest to meeting you (also maybe you giving me advance birthday present? ^.~)

happy ^___^

Ryu staying with me! I having many happy day. We going to Hawaii soon, but I not telling the day to this journal because it is secret ^.~

I remember I have to looking for my blue shiny underwear. Inoran finding one like mine after Jun's party, but I not knowing if I weared underwear to party or not.

Sugi is very much exciting about Hawaii trip. Ryu and me going back home before my birthday. I hoping everyone to come to my party, I preparing many thing for drinking and food~!

OK, I have to going, Ryu nagging me to packing luggage (even if we not leaving for many day yet). See you all at party! *waves*